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HGC Manchester is a leading supplier, stockiest and exporter of NILO Filler Metal CF36 & 36 in the Manchester United Kingdom, manufactured by Special Metals.

NILO Filler Metal CF36 is used for resin transfer molded (RTM) tools, a method in which the carbon fibers are laid up and the resin is poured into the mold of the tool. The recent addition to the NILO series, NILO Filler Metal 365, provides more improvements in strength and efficiency and is the candidate material for all of these applications, including the current RTM technology. The NILO alloys can be conveniently hot-and cold-formed by pressing, rolling, and chip or bumping processes. These offer high strength and rigidity, dimensional stability, a high level of integrity inherent in wrought metals, and good thermal properties. NILO filler metals CF36 filler wire has expansion rates comparable to base metals, manufacturing high-quality, crack-free, and vacuum-tight welding by submerged arc, gas-tungsten-arc, and gas-metal-arc processes.

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NILO Filler Metal CF36 & 365

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