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Kobelco/Kobe Flux cored rods, TGX – 308L, 309L, 316L filler wire supplier stockiest in UK.

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HGC Manchester is a leading supplier, exporter, distributor, and stockiest of Kobelco TGX series of flux-cored stainless steel filler rods in Manchester, United Kingdom. These TGX Filler Rods are available in various grades like TGX-308L, TGX-309L, and TGX-316L. TGX-308L Filler Rods are used in various applications like furnaces, reactors, heat exchangers, distillation towers, boilers, and turbines. The key specification of flux cored wire is AWS specification- AWS A5.22 R308LT1-5, R309LT1-5, and R316LT1-5 for TGX-308L, TGX-309L, and TGX-316L respectively.

TG-X308L Filler Rods

TG-X309L Filler Rods

TG-X316 Filler Rods

AWS A5.22 R308LT1-5 Filler Rods, AWS A5.22 R309LT1-5 Filler Rods, AWS A5.22 R316LT1-5 Filler Rods, R309LT1-5 Filler Rods, TG-X347 Filler Rods, TGX-316L Filler Rods Stockist in UK.

Kobelco TGX series filler rods are an easy-to-use and economical welding method that produces sound welds without using back shielding. Kobelco Flux cored wires (FCWs) offer a good rate of deposition as well as excellent weldability in general. The high deposition rate helps to reduce overall welding time, increase wearability, and decrease the time spent on post-welding treatment. Kobelco’s technologically advanced FCWs for stainless steel are exclusive products produced specifically by Kobe Steel; they are trusted and preferred by users worldwide.

Available Types of Filler Rods

Filler Rods Specification

Material: TG-X308L, TGX 309L, TG-X316L

Thickness: 4-5mm

Size: 2.2 mm

Root opening: 3-4mm

Root face: 1mm

Classification: AWS A5.22

Filler Rods Chemical Composition

C < 0.03
Mn 0.5 – 2.5
Si <1.20
P < 0.04
S < 0.04
Mo < 2.0 – 3.0
Cu < 0.50

Filler Rods Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength Elongation 0.2% Proof Stress
600 N/mm² 38% 440 N/mm²

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