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HGC Manchester is a well-known supplier, distributor, stockiest and exporter of Nickel Filler Metal 61 manufactured by Special Metals in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Special Metals Nickel Filler Metal ERNi-1 is used for Nickel 200 and 201 gas-tungsten-arc, gas-metal-arc, and submerged-arc welding. It is also used for surfacing of steel. Incoflux NT100 Submerged Arc Flux is used with the submerged-arc process. The reaction of carbon with titanium retains a low level of free carbon and allows the filler metal to be used with Nickel 201. Welding metal has good resistance to corrosion, especially in alkali.

Nickel 61 Filler Metals

Nickel ERNi-1 Filler Metals

Nickel 141 Filler Metals

NA32 Nickel Filler Metal, SG-NiTi4 Nickel Filler Metal, DIN 1736 Nickel Filler Metal, Largest Stockholder of Nickel Filler Metals in Manchester, AWS A5.14 Nickel Filler Metals Stockist in UK.

The different applications for Nickel Filler Metal 2.4155 include the joining of Nickel 200 and 201 to stainless steel, carbon steel, Inconel alloys, Incoloy alloys, copper-nickel alloys, and Monel alloys. Nickel Filler Metal SNi2061 is also used for joining copper-nickel alloys to Inconel and Incoloy alloys, and for joining Monel alloys and copper-nickel alloys to carbon steel.

Available Types of Nickel 61 Filler Metals

Nickel 61 Filler Metals Specification

AWS A5.14 ERNi-1 (UNS N02061)

ASME II, Part C, SFA-5.14, ERNi-1 (UNS N02061)

ASME IX, F-No.41

BS 2901 Part 5 (NA32)

DIN 1736 SG-NiTi4 (2.4155)

(EN) ISO 18274 – SNi2061 (NiTi3)

Nickel 61 Filler Metals Equivalent Grades

AWS A5.14 DIN 1736 (2.4155) BS 2901 SFA-5.14
ERNi-1 Ni 2061 NA33 UNS N02061

Nickel 61 Filler Metals Chemical Composition

Ni+Co. 93.0 min
C 0.15 max
Mn 1.0 max
Fe 1.0 max
S 0.015 max
Cu 0.25 max
Si 0.75 max
Al 1.5 max
Ti 2.0-3.5
P 0.030 max
Others 0.50 max

Nickel 61 Filler Metals Mechanical Properties

Grade Tensile Strength (ksi) min Elongation (% in 50mm) min Yield Strength 0.2% Proof (ksi) min
Nickel 61 60,000 psi, 414 mpa 20

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