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Monel Welding Electrode 190, ENICU-7 Monel Welding Electrode, Monel 2.4366 Welding Electrode, Monel Welding Electrode 187, Special Metals make ECuNi Monel Welding Electrode, UNS W84190 Monel Welding Electrode, UNS W60715 Monel Welding Electrode.

HGC Manchester is one of the prime suppliers, stockists, exporter, and trader of Monel Welding Electrodes in Manchester, United Kingdom. Our products are broadly admired for application-specific construction and dimensional precision. These electrodes are extensively chosen by a large number of clients. Our electrodes are used for several applications such as in General Fabrications, Structural Engineering jobs, Making corner joints, Boilers, Bridges and Ship buildings, Tanks and vehicle constructions, etc. Following the requirements of patrons, we offer these electrodes in different specifications. It has some excellent features such as Durable construction, Consistency, High functional efficiency, and more. Ensuring to give high quality of materials, these can further be custom-made in terms of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses as per the precise needs of our venerated patrons. These are reasonably priced.

We are well-known suppliers of Monel Welding Electrode 190 and Monel Welding Electrode 187 manufactured by Special Metals. These Special Metals Monel Welding Electrode EniCu-7 are used for shielded-metal-arc welding of Monel alloys 400, R-405, and K-500. It is also used for surfacing of steel. Monel Welding Electrode ECuNi is used for shielded-metal-arc welding of wrought or cast 70/30, 80/20, and 90/10 copper-nickel alloys.

Special Metals distributor for Monel Welding Electrode Supplier in UK, Monel Welding Electrode 190 Stockist in UK, Monel Welding Electrode 187 Trader in United Kingdom, A5.11 ENiCu-7 Monel Welding Electrode Stockiest, Werkstoff Nr. 20838 Monel Welding Electrode, Monel 400 Electrode Stockist.

    Monel Welding Electrodes Available Grades

  • Monel Welding Electrodes
  • Monel Electrodes
  • Monel 400 Electrodes
  • Monel K500 Welding Electrodes
  • Monel Electrode 190
  • Monel 2.4366 Welding Electrode, ISO ECu 7158 Monel Welding Electrode, ISO ENi4060 Monel Welding Electrode Stockiest, Monel R-405 Electrode Stockist.


    Monel Welding Electrode 190 Specifications

    • AWS A5.6, ECuNi
    • Werkstoff Nr. 20838
    • MIL-E-22200/4 Type MIL-CuNI(70:30)
    • UNS W60715
    • ASME II, SFA-5.6, ECuNi
    • ISO ECu 7158
    • ASME IX, F-NO. 34
    • Europe ECu 7158
    • DIN 1733 S-CuNi30Mn


    Monel Welding Electrode 187 Specifications

    • AWS A5.11 ENiCu-7
    • Werkstoff Nr. 2.4366
    • MIL-E-22200/4 Type MIL-CuNI(70:30)
    • UNS W60715
    • ASME II, SFA-5.6, ECuNi
    • ISO ENi4060
    • ASME IX, F-NO. 34
    • Europe ECu 7158
    • DIN 1733 S-CuNi30Mn

    Monel Electrodes

    Monel welding electrodes

    Monel Electrodes 190

    Monel welding electrodes 190

    Monel 400 Electrode

    Monel 400 welding Electrodes

We deal with top quality products from Special Metals, Esab, Bohler/Thyssen, UTP, Avesta, Kobelco.

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