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Special Metals ERNiCu-7 Monel Filler Metal, Monel Filler Metal 67, A5.7 ERCuNi Monel Filler Metal, ISO SNi4060 Monel Filler Metal, ISO SCu 7158 Monel filler Metal

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Monel Filler Metal 60 (ERNiCu-7) is used for the gas-metal-arc, gas-tungsten-arc, and submerged-arc welding of Monel 400, R404 and K-500 alloys. It is also used for steel surfaces through gas-metal-arc or submerged-arc methods. Nickel Filler Metal 61 (ERNi-1) barrier layer is recommended for certain gas-metal-arc conditions. Submerged arc welding with Monel Filler Metal 60 is achieved with Incoflux 5 Submerged Arc Flux. Welding metal deposited by Monel Filler Metal ERNiCu-7 has characteristics identical to those of Monel Alloy 400. It has good strength and is resistant to corrosion in many applications, including seawater, salts and reducing acids. The welding metal is not age-hardenable, and when used for joining Monel alloy K-500, it has a lower strength than base metal.

Monel Filler Metal 67 (ERCuNi) is used for oxyacetylene, gas-metal-arc, gas-tungsten-arc, and submerged arc welding of Monel alloy 450 (70/30 Copper-Nickel) and other copper-nickel alloys. It is used for surfacing of steel when the nickel filler metal 61 barrier coating is first applied. The Monel Filler Metal 2.4377 can be used for the barrier layer if applied by the submerged-arc method. Submerged arc welding with Monel Filler Metal ERCuNi is performed with Incoflux 8 Submerged Arc Flux, copper-nickel welding metal has outstanding corrosion resistance in seawater and is commonly used for marine and desalination purposes. The dissimilar-welding uses for Monel Filler Metal 67 are joints between Monel or Nickel 200 alloys and copper-nickel alloys.

2.4377 Monel Filler Metal, Monel Filler Metal 67, Ni Cast Iron Welding Electrodes UNS N04060 Monel Filler Metal Stockist & Trader in United Kingdom.

    Monel Welding Electrodes Available Grades

  • Monel Filler Metal 60
  • Monel Filler Metal 67

A5.14 ERNiCu-7 Monel Filler Metal supplier, 2.4377 Monel Filler Metal stockist in UK, A5.7 ERCuNi Monel Filler Metal Trader In United Kingdom, ISO SNi4060 Monel Filler Metal Stockholder, ISO SCu 7158 Monel filler Metal Supplier.

Monel Filler Metal 60 Specifications

  • AWS A5.14 ERNiCu-7 (UNS NO4060)
  • ASME II, Part c, SFA-%.14, ERNiCu-7 (UNS NO4060)
  • ASME IX, F-No.42
  • BS2901 (NA33)
  • DIN 1736 SG-NiCu30MnTi(2.4377)
  • (EN) ISO 18274 – SNi4060 (NiCu30Mn3Ti)


Monel Filler Metal 67 Specifications

  • AWS A5.7 ERCuNi (UNS C71581)
  • ASME II, Part C, SFA-5.15, ENiFe-CI(UNS W82002)
  • ASME IX, F-No.34
  • BS 2901(C18)
  • DIN 1733 SG-CuNi30Fe (2.0837)
  • (EN) ISO SCu7158(CuNi30)

Monel Filler Metal 60

Monel Filler Metal 60

Monel Filler Metal 67

Monel Filler Metal 67

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