Cobalt Welding Wire

Cobalt Base Alloys Welding Wire & Kennametal stellite Supplier & Exporter in UK.

HGC Manchester is one of the prime supplier, stockist, exporter and trader of Colbat Welding Wires, Kennametal Stellite Welding Wire in Manchester, United Kingdom. Well, the term wire is as well used more lightly to mention it to a pack of such strands, as in “multi-stranded wire”, which is more appropriately termed as a cable in electricity, or a wire rope in mechanics. Hairpin and Pin making; the fish-hook and needle industries; nail, rivet and peg making; and carding machinery guzzle large amounts of our wires as feedstock. Special use of these wires is however made from other metals, such as for vacuum tube filaments and light bulb, for the reason that of its elevated melting temperature. Ensuring to give high quality of materials, these can further be custom-made in terms of sizes, shapes and thicknesses as per the precise needs of our venerated patrons.

Cobalt Welding Wire, Cobalt ECoCr-A Welding Wire, Cobalt AWS A5.13 ECoCr-B Welding Wire, Kennametal Stellite Welding Wire, ECoCr-C Welding Wire Stockist & Trader in United Kingdom.

Cobalt Welding Wire Specification :

Size: 2.5mm ∞ 6.0mm

Type of Current: AC/DC(+)


Cobalt base Alloys ECoCr-C Welding Wire Deposit Analysis(%)

c : 2.15
si : 0.47
Mn : 1.03
Cr : 31.25
Mo :
Other : W 12.72 Co Bal.

Cobalt Welding Wire

Cobalt base alloy wire

Cobalt ECoCr Wire

Cobalt Alloys wire

Cobalt Alloys Wire

Cobalt alloys wire

Cobalt Welding Wire Available Grades

  • Cobalt Welding Wire
  • Cobalt Base Alloys Wire
  • Cobalt ECoCr-A Welding Wire
  • Cobalt AWS A5.13 Welding Wire
  • Cobalt ECoCr-B Wire
  • Cobalt ECoCr-C Welding Wire
  • Kennametal Stellite Welding Wire
  • Kennametal Stellite Welding Wire Exporter in UK

We deal with top quality products from Esab, Bohler/Thyssen, UTP, Avesta, Kobelco.

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